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Top Quality Mousepad. 12 Years of experience

Esptiger consistently delivers products that meet the high demands of professional gamers and enthusiasts. Their durable, precise, and comfortable mousepads solidify Esptiger's reputation in the gaming community. With over a decade of expertise, Esptiger continues to push the boundaries of gaming peripherals, ensuring players have the best tools for success.

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Micron-level etching process
4mm thickness of BQ grade aluminum silicon glass material
Fully tempered with a hardness of Mohs 7h
CNC cutting and polishing
Composite coating curing technology
Full coverage PU bottom adhesive

Do not use alcohol wipes to clean
Do not use glass feet or other hard adhesive on the glass mouse pad

Etching Process
The surface adopts a micron-level etching process, with uniform and delicate textures, with Mobile Sampling Imaging Optimization with most mice on the market to help optimize tracking.

The product is divided into a fine surface and a coarse surface. The fine surface is suitable for long TTK shooting games and MOBA games, while the coarse surface increases control, meeting the quick stopping and positioning needs of short TTK games users.

In order to present exquisite craftsmanship in every piece, we have performed overall CNC cutting and polishing on the product. The curved edges effectively reduce wrist discomfort. The high-gloss treatment gives the product a smooth edge like a jade.

Full coverage PU anti-slip
For the bottom anti-slip layer, we use a safe full coverage PU material, which ensures a flat and stable surface on the desk, suitable for various intense scenarios.

Composite coating curing technology
To reduce the occurrence of the glass pad sticking to the skin or collecting dust, we have used composite coating curing technology on the product surface, which maintains a smooth touch and reduces any roughness over time.

Product Story
After a year of repeated overturning and remaking, in June of this year, EspTiger’s first glass mouse pad "Lotus" will be introduced to everyone.
For safety and flatness, we have chosen a 4mm thickness of BQ grade aluminum silicon glass material and performed overall tempering, resulting in a hardness of Mohs 7h. This not only enhances durability but also ensures safety and flatness.

OVer 50 Type


Experience precision, control, speed, and balance with Esptiger mousepads. Perfect for gamers and Esports pros, our range offers various sizes, textures, and designs. Elevate your game with Esptiger, the leader in high-quality mousepads.
"Great alternative to the Artisan Zero. Speed, initial friction, and stopping power all feel very similar. Texture is more coarse, but the glide is very similar."

Gregory Gaugler

Tang Dao Black

“Product has the best unboxing experience. It was the perfect upgrade to have a faster pad that is higher quality than my 8 year old Corsair MM300.”

Emil Lafrenière-Racine

Lei Ling

“the pad comes in really nice packaging. it gives a balanced feel between speed and control ”

Xian Ma

Tang Dao X

“I am not one to usually go out of my way to leave a review but this mousepad is insane. The quality is SO good! ”

Kyle Paeth

Tang Dao Baby Blue

“The pad is a notch slower than a Raiden but faster than traditional cloth. It's very smooth against the skin so a gaming sleeve is not required. ”

Alan Palileo

Chuan Yun

“Big fan of EspTiger. Got about 75% of their range. This does not disappoint. The packaging is a work of art in itself. Superb mat. Absolutely recommended. ”

Rafael Pereira

QingSui X Bailu

“The surface is simply staggering if you like control mats. I have probably about 300+ gaming mats and this is the best performing control mat I've ever used. Basically it enables me to play at 1600DPI rather than my usual 800dpi. ”


QingSui XuanNiao


Be different.


Be Unique.


Esptiger is designed for esports enthusiasts, offering cutting-edge technology and performance to enhance your gaming experience. With precision controls and customizable features, it’s the perfect choice for serious gamers.


Esptiger is renowned for its unwavering commitment to using premium materials in every aspect of their products. From innovative designs to meticulous craftsmanship, We prioritize quality and durability, promising customers reliability and satisfaction with every purchase.

Best Packaging 

Our packaging offers an unparalleled experience with its premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. Each product arrives in sturdy, ensuring maximum protection and an elegant presentation. With ESPTiger, every unboxing becomes a memorable event.
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