ICE PC Mice Skates Pulsar X2 Wireless

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EAN: 6973429533395

Item Size: 2.75x3.5x0.2 inch.

Package Weight: 0.02 lbs.

Title: ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2
        Bullet Point:
      • PTFE Mouse Feet - PTFE has a higher coefficient of friction than other materials, providing improved grip on any surface. This means you don't have to worry about your mouse slipping or moving around during intense gaming sessions.
      • Round Edges - The increased friction provided by PTFE also results in more accurate movements, allowing you to take advantage of tiny variations in movement that would otherwise be impossible.
      • Enhance Speed - Experience enhanced control and smooth gliding with PTFE mice feet, allowing for faster movements and quicker reactions.
      • Low profile- A lower profile provides better tracking over rough surfaces such as glass or fabric, resulting in higher accuracy when targeting in-game objects or enemies.

    From The Brand

    Experience the best of skating with ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2. This revolutionary product features: PTFE Mouse Feet, Round Edges, Enhanced Speed, and ptfe feet for maximum control, safety and unbeatable performance. Installing and using it is easy and a detailed user guide is provided. Get your ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2 today to enjoy free-gliding on any surface!

    Product Specifications

    title ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2
    vendor esptiger
    ean 6973429533395
    Retail Pkg: 2.75x3.5x0.2 inch.
    Weight 0.02 lbs.
    product dimension 8x5x1in.

    Get the most out of your pc gaming experience with ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2. This product provides superior control and speed by featuring: PTFE, Round Edges, Enhanced Speed. Installing this product is simple and straightforward.

    Package Includes:

    ESPTiger ICE Skates Pulsar X2 x 1

    The product features PTFE Mouse Feet, Round Edges, Enhanced Speed to ensures superior control and speed. Installation is hassle-free.