Chaotic Patterned Cloth


Electroplated Glass Glaze
HeTu Mousepad is a coated cloth pad that provides high level of glide for your mouse
With a slightly grainy texture for a tactile experience.
The product uses a Chaotic Patterned Cloth and Electroplated Glass Glaze technology, which maintains the texture of the cloth while adding a certain degree of smoothness.

The glass glaze coating provide a durable and scratch-resistant quality

Refined Edges

HeTu uses a dense, flat lock edge process that results in a finely-sewn edge
that is slightly recessed compared to the surface.

Non-Slip Base

Hetu uses an ER Acrylic Rubber embossed bottom material.

That provides good anti-slip properties and a soft cushioning.
For comfortable and stable experience during
competitive gaming.

Product Story

HeTu originates from the constellations in the sky and has always been regarded as the source of Chinese culture and the theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

Hetu also symbolizes auspiciousness, good luck, ideals, and wisdom.

Based on the relevant records of the Hexagram Luoshu.
The HeTu Mousepad is designed to embody these meanings.
Item: Hetu
Size: 480mm x 400mm
Thickness: 4mm
Coating: Electroplated Glass Glaze
Material: Chaotic Patterned Cloth
Base: ER Acrylic Rubber
Edge locking: Yes
Weight: 748g
EAN: 6973429533494