Grandmaster Pro

$39.99 USD
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  • Perfect balance of speed and control - Let user make micro adjustments quickly, offer amazing stopping power, this pad keeps the feel and hold up over the long term
  • Glide feels amazing comfortable - Fast surface and hybrid between a hard pad and soft, very smooth not grainy or uneven like some other pads
  • Premium quality - Compared to other non-stitched edges great mousepad to figure out if you like friction, no frills and good price
  • The best all-around pad – Amazing sizes and surface kept the same speed after a while of use and a couple of cycles in the washing machine
  • Competitive mouse pad - One of the top pads you will be extremely impressed with its responsiveness and adhesiveness to your desk
  • Material quality is one of the best – Best ones out there compared to other brands, easy to wipe dirt off and keep clean

From the brand

Need something good for your work desk that will stand the test of time? This will work great for both desks at home and at the office. It has a smooth and sleek surface that doesn't snag, the material is soft and comfortable enough when resting your wrist on the pad. You will feel the noticeable difference in how smooth mouse movements feel on this mouse pad, which is the Cadillac of gaming mats.

Product Specifications

    • Product Dimensions: 480 x 400 x 4mm
    • Product edge color: Black
    • Type: Speed
    • Rubber Base: 4mm low-density foamed natural rubber
    • Cloth: Synthetic fiber cloth combined with micro-coated surface technology

Thick construction feels durable and comfortable. This mouse pad is recommended for gaming or casual work. You Will not be disappointed, the beautifully done double stitch around the mat, is well-priced, and of course, looks amazing when you've placed it on the desk with the rest of your setup.

Package Includes:

Esptiger Grandmaster Pro Gaming Mouse Pad x 1

The quality of design and workmanship will amaze you, the top surface is as smooth as a baby's behind allowing your mouse to glide around effortlessly, not only does it look cool, the minimalist design is also a nice touch. You will be impressed by just adding this ESP Tiger product into your collection.