SheSheJia Pink | Poron | Large Gaming Mousepad

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(480 x 400 x 4mm)

SheSheJia - Pink
uses a blended BWR-ED fabric that has waterproof, wear-resistant, and breathable properties, providing users with even sliding and friction.

The product has a high starting and displacement speed, suitable for users who prefer a relatively faster glide feel.

Inoue PORON Base
Imported Inoue PORON base provides stable desktop slip resistance and quick-stop buffering during high-speed movement.

Pattern printing
To reduce the impact on the elasticity of PORON during the printing process, and to maintain the original velvety texture of the fabric while presenting the color of the graphic, the product uses a low-temperature printing process.

In delicate edging technology, the edging is more recessed than the surface, making it more comfortable to use.

EspTiger SheSheJia Gaming Poron Mouse Pad Pink Rabbit
Large (480 x 400 x 4mm)
Retail Pkg:19.25x16x0.6 inch.
Weights:1.36 lbs.
Inoue Poron Base
Blended BWR-ED Fabric
High Starting
Displacement Speed
Fast Glide
Slip Resistant
Quick-Stop Buffering During High-Speed Movement
Low Temperature Printing Graphic
Delicate Edging Technology
Ship Flat